Will Working on Projects Help You Be Less Stressed?

By Brenda Fay / October 13, 2017

I was talking with a business manager the other day about organizing a presentation for her group. She said, “It’s always so hectic around here, people aren’t so organized. Let’s see if they have time … Read more

Where’s the Wizard?

By Brenda Fay / September 21, 2017

The movie, The Wizard of Oz, tells the story of a girl and her dog who were picked up by a cyclone and transplanted to the Land of Oz. There she met a scarecrow who … Read more

Why Record Lessons Learned?

By Brenda Fay / March 22, 2017

In projects, it is a good practice to document ‘lessons learned’. These are things we have discovered to do – or not do – to make our projects stronger. For example, we may have learned … Read more

Projects: Helping Others Become Successful

By Brenda Fay / February 9, 2017

I just read an article by Ross Simmonds on creating blogs. Most of it was about technical aspects of blogging – distribution and the like. But the last point struck me. It was general good … Read more

Breaking It Down

By Brenda Fay / September 28, 2016

Sometimes when I look at an important project I am about to start, I get overwhelmed with the idea of it. It feels like, “It’s just too much.” Then I remember there is an easy … Read more

Who is a Successful Project Manager?

By Brenda Fay / September 8, 2016

My manager at Motorola, Jim, was one of the most successful project managers I have known. His projects completed as planned, but he was successful because his team got the work done happily. He hired … Read more

The Top 10 Factors for Project Success

By Brenda Fay / September 1, 2016

Are your projects successful? A study determined the following factors lead to project success: Clear goals Support from senior management Adequate funding and resources A realistic schedule End-user commitment Effective leadership and conflict resolution A … Read more

Bravery and Vulnerability

By Brenda Fay / August 10, 2016

At a business meeting I was in recently, a senior manager asked the facilitator if he should follow his instincts to make a decision, even if people didn’t agree with him. I thought, “Isn’t that … Read more

Why Project Management?

By Brenda Fay / March 26, 2015

Applying project management techniques and skills benefits both individuals and organizations. If you know how to manage your projects well, you will gain many benefits, such as: Career advancement Competence in project delivery Confidence in … Read more

“Done” for Wealth and Project Success

By Brenda Fay / February 25, 2015

Twice this week I have read how the word “done” can bring wealth and project success. According to Brian de Haaff (The One Word That Will Make You Rich on LinkedIn), being rich is about … Read more