Expert guidance in establishing and managing your projects

Setting the Framework for Product Creation

Guidance for Managing Your Projects

Are you creating a product or service or working on implementing a process improvement? This is a project!

Would you like to put more structure around your work? Approaching activities and goals in a defined project management way has helped organizations, large to small, achieve objectives efficiently.

I can help you frame your work as a project, where we clarify and define the work that needs to be done, set achievable timelines, and build a plan to work with risks.

We do this using an internationally defined standard for project management.

Results you will achieve:

  • Clarity in knowing what you and your customer want from the project
  • Improved project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing
  • An identification of what could go wrong or right and what you are going to do about it
  • Items delivered on time and within budget
  • Better organization of your work
  • And more!

Fees and Funding:

Fees are driven by the support you need. Funding is available for up to 75% of the support, for those who qualify.

For More Information:

Contact Brenda at or 902.222.9529.

Download a .pdf document with these details and more.

How We Work Together

  • First, together we look at your projects and their status as to definition and delivery.
  • From there, we set out a plan to implement or upgrade the project management methods that apply to you.
  • Typically we work together for two to three months, creating the plan and rolling it out.

The result: Guaranteed improvements in your projects!

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