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Funding Options

About Funding for Training in Nova Scotia

We know of three types of funding that are available:

  • Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)
  • Consulting Advisory Services (CAS)


The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) funding incentive encourages employers to invest in employee skills through training to: improve productivity; introduce new technology and processes; and increase innovation and long-term competitiveness to enhance inter-provincial and international competitiveness.

WIPSI Funding

The funding available depends on the size (in employees) of the business. Generally, companies are asked to let employees take training during work time to make up the in-kind contribution.

  1. Small businesses (under 50 employees)
    i. $5,000-$10,000 training incentive: Applicants are required to provide an in-kind contribution (e.g. employee time release). No cash contribution is necessary with respect to the applicant’s first application per fiscal year. Thereafter, applicants will be required to provide a 50% cash contribution to incentives.
    ii. Over $10,000 training incentive: Applicants are required to cost-share (cash/in-kind contribution)
  2. Medium and large businesses (50 or more employees)
    i. $10,000 and more training incentive:
    • Maximum government contribution is 50% of eligible costs
    • Applicants are required to cost-share (cash/in-kind contribution)

WIPSI Eligibility

Businesses are required to demonstrate $25,000 in wages or owner drawings for WIPSI eligibility. Also, you are requested to provide the last two years of financial statements.

Eligible Costs

Training may be up to 12 months in duration and may be provided off-site or in-house. All training must be formal, structured, and delivered by a qualified training provider. The training incentive must be for employees permanently located in Nova Scotia. Training costs:

• purchase of training from a formal training institution or qualified external or internal training provider
• registration, tuition or course fees
• international training
• management skills development
• skills development and training leading to certification
• training that supports workplace diversity
• other skills development and training based on a valid business case
• other training-related costs, such as manuals, books, and support materials
• accommodating for disabilities (e.g. voice recognition software)
• travel costs for employees in approved training (e.g. travel)

Click here to download a .pdf document with this information about WIPSI.

Consulting Advisory Services (CAS)

Described at, CAS is available in Nova Scotia, anywhere except Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford.