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In organizations, we generally build our products through projects. At BrenDaniel, we show you how to work with your projects effectively - whether that be with traditional or Agile-based projects. 

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You know how much having project managements skills will improve your career potential. Whether you are beginning or already PMP-certified, here are ways to increase your learning:

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An organization is only as good as its people, and developing these people in a common direction is a sign of maturity. Here are ways to help your organization develop its project management acuity:


BrenDaniel Productions Corp. is a provider of Project Management training solutions. We have helped thousands of individuals prepare to write the PMP exam. Based in Atlantic Canada and incorporated in 1995, we provide project management learning options to individuals, small businesses, corporations, and major educational and technology organizations. Find out more.

Over the last 15 years, we have always found BrenDaniel to be completely reliable and highly competent partners and service providers. They are attentive to the quality of their work and to the importance of maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of all business.
- Pia Loorits, President & CEO, Dragonbridge Corporation - 

Brenda Fay is my mentor, a very bright, compassionate, skilled and enthusiastic personality. An unparalleled and exceptional leader. When you need excellent inputs/direction/facilitation in project management, business and leadership, Brenda is the person to contact!
- Benson Adams PMP -

Daniel Fay is one of our most requested instructors. He is highly valued by the students and training managers. Students consistently rate Daniel as knowledgeable in project management, enthusiastic and a clear instructor.
- Gail Zhang, Resource Manager, BMMTEC -