Expert guidance in establishing and managing your projects

Project Support and Advisory Services

A project consists of many moving parts, and sometimes it’s helpful to get outside advice and support in managing projects. The Project Management Support Descriptions below are mini-packages of the more common areas where people and organizations seek assistance. (Click on each item for details.)

Please call or email me (Brenda) at 902.222.9529 / for a time estimate and price quote for your business.

In summary, we can boost your confidence that you and your projects are set up and managed according to best practices worldwide.

Format for Support

Generally, we would start with a discussion and questionnaire, to see where your projects stand currently and define areas on which to focus. The goal of the support is for you to have the knowledge, processes and templates so your projects run successfully.

We suggest two months of support to get started. At the end of two months, you will have gained definite advances in the management of your projects... guaranteed! Support would typically consist of three to ten hours per week and would be arranged to suit your needs.


There may be funding available for 75% of the fee. Please get in touch to learn more.