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Expert guidance in establishing and managing your projects

Project Management Consulting Advisory Services

Do You Have Projects?

Would you like guidance from an expert to establish and manage your projects? If so, consider the BrenDaniel Project Management Consulting Advisory Services option.

We can help you ensure your projects are structured and run successfully using the processes according to the Project Management Institute (PMI). Some of the areas we can help you with include defining:

  • What a project is in your organization
  • The Project Life Cycle and phases for your project
  • Your change management process and how to communicate it
  • The scope of the project, including what is in and not in your project
  • Who the stakeholders are and strategies for working with them
  • A plan for communicating with stakeholders to ensure project success
  • Your resource management methods, including how to manage and develop the team
  • The schedule, using techniques for including dependencies, estimates and resources
  • The budget, including how to create and track
  • What quality is for your project and how to ensure it is delivered
  • Types of contracts to use, for example, fixed price, cost plus or time and materials
  • What risks may exist and how to work with them

In summary, we can boost your confidence that you and your projects are set up and managed according to best practices worldwide.

Download a .pdf document with these details and more.

Format for Support

Generally, we would start with a discussion and questionnaire, to see where your projects stand currently and define areas on which to focus. The goal of the support is for you to have the knowledge, processes and templates so your projects run successfully.

We suggest two months of support to get started. At the end of two months, you will have gained definite advances in the management of your projects... guaranteed! Support would typically consist of three to ten hours per week and would be arranged to suit your needs.


There may be funding available for 75% of the fee. Please get in touch to learn more.

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