Month: November 2013

I thought I was a good listener…

By Brenda Fay

I always thought of myself as a good listener. But recently I realized I wasn’t the great listener I thought I was. In the middle of answering a question in a class, I realized I … Read more

Make Sure Opportunities Find You

By Daniel Fay

I recently conducted a global webinar for over 1300 participants and received some great feedback and questions. One repeated question was: “How do you ensure opportunities do not pass you by?” You need to ask. … Read more

Managing Your Multiple Projects – Get the Exec on Board

By Brenda Fay

Project Managers know that executive support is crucial for successful projects. But did you know that senior management support and organizational culture are especially important for those project managers who manage multiple projects? A study … Read more

Unglamorous work?

By Brenda Fay

Bill Gates is famous as the founder of Microsoft. Today, he spends much of his time and considerable money on the eradication of polio in the underdeveloped world. With his great help, polio has been … Read more