personal development

The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Brenda Fay / June 28, 2017

My friend Amy was telling me about a project she was on. Being new to the industry, she had asked her project manager (PM) for more information on a term. The PM blustered through an … Read more

What is the PMBOK?

By Brenda Fay / January 17, 2017

The articles I write have to do with project management. The document upon which I base much of my viewpoint is the Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, or PMBOK (pim-bok) for short. This … Read more

Managing Projects the PMI Way

By Brenda Fay / November 16, 2016

Most projects have many moving parts. When you’re in charge of all those parts, you need to stay on track and be organized. I am very proud to have taught the three project managers referenced … Read more

The Project Tribe

By Brenda Fay / June 9, 2016

I listened to a fascinating interview of Sebastian Junger on CBC Radio the other week. Mr. Junger is an award-winning journalist and author. His most recent book – Tribe – talks about the war veterans … Read more

Always Tell Why…

By Brenda Fay / November 13, 2014

I recently fractured my ankle and got a cast on it at the hospital. They gave me a little booklet saying not to get the cast wet. However, I didn’t know why and didn’t bother … Read more

A Successful Person

By Brenda Fay / August 21, 2014

A few weeks ago while I was visiting my mother in Newfoundland, she received a letter in the mail. It was a note from a doctor’s office saying she had an appointment for an urgent … Read more

Happiness is… being a Project Manager

By Brenda Fay / April 30, 2014

There is a lot of research on happiness these days. One of the latest books to come out on the subject is by Shawn Achor – Before Happiness. Mr. Achor gives five strategies for being … Read more


By Brenda Fay / March 20, 2014

On April 3, my company is starting up a program where senior executives will tell their stories. These leaders have inspired me by their generosity of spirit. The executives giving these sessions are all busy … Read more

Positive Questions

By Brenda Fay / January 30, 2014

Have you ever used affirmations? Have they given you results? I have read lots on the power of affirmations but must admit I have never really used them. However, when I saw “The Book of … Read more

I thought I was a good listener…

By Brenda Fay / November 28, 2013

I always thought of myself as a good listener. But recently I realized I wasn’t the great listener I thought I was. In the middle of answering a question in a class, I realized I … Read more