The Project Tribe

I listened to a fascinating interview of Sebastian Junger on CBC Radio the other week. Mr. Junger is an award-winning journalist and author. His most recent book – Tribe – talks about the war veterans who return home and experience PTSD. His findings are that it is the lack of closeness they feel when they get back, as compared to the friendship they felt while serving, that causes stress.

Junger claims the individualistic nature of modern society lacks the community we have evolved to need.

Applying this to working in projects, isn’t it the good feelings we have by working together that bring out some of the best experiences of project work?

I know, for me, achieving a goal as a team is much more powerful than achieving it on my own. I believe that is part of what Mr. Junger is getting at in his book.

All the best to you and your project “tribe”!

Click here for more information on Sebastian Junger and the CBC interview.

Brenda Fay