One Step at a Time

I had the best business advice ever last week. Karen Mombourquette, my tarot card reader, said, “Take everything a step at a time.”

I laughed; assuredly this was the best advice for me, as I was starting a trend of over-committing to multiple projects. I was ignoring a simple truism of Project Management: break down the work into manageable steps and follow the plan.

I am now getting back on goal and following Karen’s advice. For the work I have already committed to, I am taking a step back and saying, “Okay, how can I get what I said I would do done?” The answer falls in line with Karen’s advice: break it down! (Where was that WBS when I needed it?!)

One small step at a time can get us to big results. And no small steps, of course, leads to foggy thinking and nothing getting done.

(Thanks Karen!)

Brenda Fay