Is It Clear?

By Brenda Fay / January 12, 2018

Last week my daughter Shannon and I went for a walk around the local pond. As we came around the corner, the garbage can caught us by surprise. It said: “What?!” we said to each … Read more

Who Needs to Know?

By Brenda Fay / May 25, 2017

Have you ever had someone say, “You don’t need to know that; leave that part to me,” when working on a project? After your first reaction (“Huh?”), if you are like me, you would be … Read more

Deficiencies: The Achilles’ Heel of Construction Projects

By Brenda Fay / March 15, 2017

This week, please welcome Paul Behner, an accomplished project manager in the construction industry, as my guest writer. Deficiencies are a standard line item on most, if not all, construction projects. Construction project deficiency is … Read more

Stakeholder Engagement

By Brenda Fay / December 1, 2016

Recently I went to a luncheon hosted by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, which my company was proud to sponsor. (See our logo on the banner to right of stage above.) The topic of the … Read more

That’s When We All Win

By Brenda Fay / October 14, 2016

I have been reading about the upcoming American election with some interest. So much so that I only recently realized we were having a local (Halifax, Canada) municipal election and voting at the polling station … Read more

Who is a Successful Project Manager?

By Brenda Fay / September 8, 2016

My manager at Motorola, Jim, was one of the most successful project managers I have known. His projects completed as planned, but he was successful because his team got the work done happily. He hired … Read more

Projects, Not Complaining

By Brenda Fay / April 12, 2016

I was driving to Truro the other day and thought I would listen to a CD on the way. So I listened to Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. Jack’s first rules had to do with taking … Read more