The Opposite of Mad

Last week I was driving my eight-year old to school. Out of the blue, he piped up, “The opposite of being mad is being thankful.”

I was a bit surprised. I thought about my brilliant son and said, “Yes, Zachary, I guess the opposite of being mad is being thankful.”

He then continued, “The opposite of being worried is being excited. The opposite of happy is sad. Now you say a few.”

“Well, Zachary, I think you’ve covered everything,” I replied after giving it some thought.

“Haven’t you ever thought about emotions, Mom?” he responded.

I laughed, “Yes, I have thought about emotions.”

I gave a class that day and told them about my conversation in the car. One lady surmised that perhaps they had talked about emotions in school. So, when I picked Zachary up, I asked him if they had.

“No, that was just to break the silence,” he said.

Many times I have started to get angry at a situation or a person, probably for not being the way I wanted them or it to be. I think maybe a lot of us are like that. So, I am focusing on catching myself in those “almost mad” moments and turning them around – what is there to be thankful about instead?

Maybe, like my eight-year old, I can understand that the opposite of being mad is being thankful.

Brenda Fay