Have You Got Plans?

By Brenda Fay / August 29, 2017

Last week my daughter and I were sitting down to breakfast. I asked Shannon what her plans were for the day and she told me. Then she asked me the same thing. I said, “I … Read more

The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Brenda Fay / June 28, 2017

My friend Amy was telling me about a project she was on. Being new to the industry, she had asked her project manager (PM) for more information on a term. The PM blustered through an … Read more

On “The Way”

By Brenda Fay / May 26, 2016

I just got back from walking part of “The Camino” in Spain with three of my grown-up children. On our route, we stopped in a few towns. There, we would check in at an information … Read more

Always Tell Why…

By Brenda Fay / November 13, 2014

I recently fractured my ankle and got a cast on it at the hospital. They gave me a little booklet saying not to get the cast wet. However, I didn’t know why and didn’t bother … Read more

Lag, Lead or Laugh

By Brenda Fay / April 9, 2014

Last week I was in Newfoundland and Labrador giving a project management course. I asked the class, “Does anyone know what a lag or lead is?” One guy piped up, “Yes, a lag is what … Read more

Have you been Asked yet Today?

By Brenda Fay / February 19, 2014

I had a conversation with a potential client the other day and they asked me question after question. Probably thinking I was getting irritated by it (if they knew me better they would know this … Read more

Positive Questions

By Brenda Fay / January 30, 2014

Have you ever used affirmations? Have they given you results? I have read lots on the power of affirmations but must admit I have never really used them. However, when I saw “The Book of … Read more