Too Busy?

I work on a few volunteer committees. This week, one of my committee colleagues called to prompt me to answer an email I had overlooked. Feeling bad about not having replied, I heard myself say, “I was very busy this week…” As I was saying it, I was thinking, “Oh, oh.”

I know ‘too busy’ to me means it wasn’t as high on my priority list as other things which I did do on time. Or maybe I didn’t have time to think about the answer, so I left it.

My biggest and best time management tool is my Harvard Planner. Someone recently said to me, “It’s unusual to see someone still using a paper-based system.” But it works for me. My planner tracks all of my to-do’s and lets me see them all at once. I put the activities in their place and check them off as I go. (It’s not infallible, though, since I still missed that email response. Having the right tool only works if you use it properly!)

Brenda Fay