Root Cause Analysis Reveals Options

This past week I have witnessed two miracles.

For the past four months, my son Zachary has been unable to walk on his right foot and since February he could not talk due to a violent cough.

After taking him to many doctors and health professionals of all types (24 altogether!), no cure was found. Until we came upon Dr. MacAdam, a chiropractor who corrected the problem in two visits. With some manipulations of the spine and neck, Zachary was walking and talking again. (Thanks Dr. MacAdam – and to all who helped along the way.)

It would be good to know for sure why the problems occurred, though we may never know with certainty. In the meantime, we can look at possible causes, and possibly rule some out. Below is my simple root cause analysis diagram (also called a fishbone or Ishikawa diagram) pertaining to the situation.

Such a flexible tool that can help in many cases.

Brenda Fay