Have You Got Plans?

By Brenda Fay

Last week my daughter and I were sitting down to breakfast. I asked Shannon what her plans were for the day and she told me. Then she asked me the same thing. I said, “I … Read more

Projects: Helping Others Become Successful

By Brenda Fay

I just read an article by Ross Simmonds on creating blogs. Most of it was about technical aspects of blogging – distribution and the like. But the last point struck me. It was general good … Read more

The Best Kind of Goal for Managing Change

By Brenda Fay

I attended a workshop recently which was about change and how people deal with it. My goal in attending was mainly to learn more about myself and how I react to change that I didn’t … Read more

That’s When We All Win

By Brenda Fay

I have been reading about the upcoming American election with some interest. So much so that I only recently realized we were having a local (Halifax, Canada) municipal election and voting at the polling station … Read more

The Focused Florence Foster Jenkins

By Brenda Fay

A few nights ago I went to see the movie about Florence Foster Jenkins. I was inspired by how she carried through on achieving what she set out to do. Another thing remarkable about Ms. … Read more