Build Your Project Management Skills

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Project Management Fundamentals Program

In this highly interactive workshop, learn the essentials of project management and how to incorporate standardized project management concepts in your work.

Learn how to apply the following concepts to your work to improve project success:

  • The importance of the project life cycle
  • Project management terminology and concepts
  • Your role and responsibilities as a project stakeholder
  • Roles and responsibilities of the project team
  • Defining project scope
  • Building an effective project schedule
  • Creating and maintaining a project budget
  • Creating a team that works together well
  • The importance of a communication plan
  • How to manage risk

Program Outline:

  1. A Good Project Framework: Explore the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework for project management, including the life cycle processes and knowledge areas. Become familiar with project management vocabulary.
  2. Getting the Project Started: Discover the importance of the business case to support the start of a new project. Learn how to establish project scope, analyze stakeholder needs, identify constraints and assumptions, and build a communication plan.
  3. Planning for Success: Learn the steps of successful planning, including how to develop a work breakdown structure, create effective estimates, diagram a project schedule, and determine the critical path. Discover how to identify, assess, quantify, and manage risks. In addition, find out the importance of a formal change control process.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling Your Project: Explore the relationship between project planning, execution, and control. Understand how to use earned value as a powerful tool for assessing and reporting current and predicted the conditions of the project.
  5. Closing Processes: Investigate the best practices in conducting administrative closure.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


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