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Managing Projects the PMI Way

By Brenda Fay

Most projects have many moving parts. When you’re in charge of all those parts, you need to stay on track and be organized. I am very proud to have taught the three project managers referenced … Read more

Who is a Successful Project Manager?

By Brenda Fay

My manager at Motorola, Jim, was one of the most successful project managers I have known. His projects completed as planned, but he was successful because his team got the work done happily. He hired … Read more

Why Project Management?

By Brenda Fay

Applying project management techniques and skills benefits both individuals and organizations. If you know how to manage your projects well, you will gain many benefits, such as: Career advancement Competence in project delivery Confidence in … Read more

“Done” for Wealth and Project Success

By Brenda Fay

Twice this week I have read how the word “done” can bring wealth and project success. According to Brian de Haaff (The One Word That Will Make You Rich on LinkedIn), being rich is about … Read more

Stress & Conflict Management

By Brenda Fay

The Project Management Institute (PMI) says that project managers need to have good conflict management and stress management skills. When I mention this in class, there is usually one person who says, “I manage conflict … Read more

Project Managers – Focusing to Get Results

By Brenda Fay

“A recent story about the use of transcendental meditation by top Wall Street traders was given a lot of attention, but I just see it as more evidence of what our research has shown for … Read more