Project Management Truisms Ring True

By Brenda Fay

I went to a fascinating presentation on lessons learned from projects yesterday. The two presenters analyzed ten projects they had worked with and came up with twelve lessons learned. I listened intently. Of great interest … Read more

Risk and Dr. Seuss

By Brenda Fay

I was talking with a friend over Christmas who told me of a crisis she had been through. She was in a foreign country and received word that a large contract of hers back home … Read more

Reaching Project Goals and the Law of Attraction

By Brenda Fay

Do you manage projects, large or small? If so, have you thought about how completing a project successfully and using the Law of Attraction are alike? Being interested in both topics, I have thought about … Read more

Starting Something New?

By Brenda Fay

In this day and age many businesses are working on incorporating online tools into their product portfolio. If you are, you might want to consider planning before you begin your exciting new project. Here are … Read more

Work Breakdown: Structure!

By Brenda Fay

Last week was a busy one for me. Programs to design, questions to answer, and preparing for a project that I just couldn’t get my mind around. It was too big. There were too many … Read more