Too Busy?

By Brenda Fay

I work on a few volunteer committees. This week, one of my committee colleagues called to prompt me to answer an email I had overlooked. Feeling bad about not having replied, I heard myself say, … Read more

Always Tell Why…

By Brenda Fay

I recently fractured my ankle and got a cast on it at the hospital. They gave me a little booklet saying not to get the cast wet. However, I didn’t know why and didn’t bother … Read more

Lag, Lead or Laugh

By Brenda Fay

Last week I was in Newfoundland and Labrador giving a project management course. I asked the class, “Does anyone know what a lag or lead is?” One guy piped up, “Yes, a lag is what … Read more

The Sender-Receiver Model

By Brenda Fay

Why the Sender-Receiver Model is true: My mom said, “Honey, please go to the store and buy a bottle of milk. If they have eggs, get six.” I came back with six bottles of milk. … Read more

Is it Really a Project?

By Brenda Fay

I asked a colleague the other day how everything was going with his project. He told me that what he was working on was supposed to be a project, but really it was operations. The … Read more

I thought I was a good listener…

By Brenda Fay

I always thought of myself as a good listener. But recently I realized I wasn’t the great listener I thought I was. In the middle of answering a question in a class, I realized I … Read more