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Dan was great – very interesting, motivating, and personable. Great Delivery, use of personable examples.
- CK, Rainforest Alliance

Dan was highly entertaining, a great facilitator; very engaging to listen to. He was highly confident, a great listener, and encouraged participation without intimidating.
- LH, Sick Kids Foundation

Dan really charged up the team and re-invigorated me.
- Steve Marchigiabo, Progress Energy

Outstanding Energy, no "glazed eyes" in the room - Dan Brought a very personal level to today's topics.
- BW, Mississauga

Excellent Course – Great Instructor, very knowledgeable and interesting.
- Mary Clare Dighton, HSBC

Daniel Fay delivered an excellent course. An interesting person and interesting presentation – very worthwhile experience.
- Alan Arnfield, IBM

Dan is a great presenter. I enjoyed his examples and the engagement with the audience.
- DF, Sick Kids Foundation

Mr. Daniel Fay is a highly versatile facilitator, highly skilled in arresting attention. Multi-disciplinarian experiences passed hands-on by him. a highly rewarding experience.
- Tunji Iyanda, Nigerian Airspace Management System

Excellent stories, illustrations on the bridge to the “real” world. Good (very) at engaging folks, strong knowledge and ability, encourages thinking outside the box.
- Ken MacNeil, PMI Seminars World - Orlando

Daniel Fay, of BrenDaniel Productions Corp., is one of our most requested instructors. Daniel is highly valued by the students and training managers. Students consistently rate Daniel as knowledgeable in project management, enthusiastic and a clear instructor.
- Gail Zhang, Resource Manager, BMMTEC

Dan consistently has fully met and exceeded my, and the students’, expectations. He presents clear, lively, and informative sessions. I strongly recommend his training.
- Hans Han, Sales Manager, Deluker (China)

Dan is a highly skilled and knowledgeable instructor. Students enjoy his classes and his great attitude. He is excellent at helping students understand how to apply management concepts. Dan is a great speaker and instructor. I recommend him highly.
- Raymond Meng, President, Shanghai BEO Management Development Ltd., Co.

I was very impressed and pleased with the End-to-End Project Management Training.  The course was a very good resource and I found so many topics that were a great reflection of our project. Dan was full of knowledge and shared his own personal experiences with us, which made it that much easier to understand the concepts and apply them to our experiences. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in Project Management and would enjoy the opportunity to attend more training.
- Leah Messervey, Project E-Merge, Nova Scotia Government

Dan was very knowledgeable and kept the conversation upbeat and everybody involved.
- GB, Mississauga

I really enjoyed the way Dan delivered the information. It was interesting and informative. He made us laugh about a serious topic.
- student, Mississauaga

Seminar Leader was Fantastic. Great energy kept everyone interested and really kept the crowd involved. Really elaborated topics and gave great references to scenarios and how to solve these situations.
- KM, Halifax

Dan is awesome. He really knows his stuff and his enthusiasm for the subject matter always keeps the student’s attention. This is the 3rd or 4th course that I have taken with him teaching. I honestly don't know how this guy could get any better! :­)
- Student

Excellent instructor, managed to keep everyone engaged for 3 days on a topic that can be rather dry, his real world experience is far his strongest asset.
- Student

Great speaker with so much knowledge of the subject. The real world examples and his humor made the class time more interesting and you can put an example to the text, as a visual learner.
- Student

Dan was a phenomenal instructor. His real world experience really helped to drive home some of the key concepts and exceptions. There wasn't ever a question that he couldn't answer, and his great sense of humour was refreshing. Really enjoyed havinghim as an instructor!
- Student

Dan was fantastic and his examples really helped to so how useful these skills are.
- Student

Very well versed in Project Management. Seemed to truly know what he was talking about and not just what was in the book but real life experiences. Very personable.
- Student
Brenda, is my mentor, a very bright, compassionate, skilled and enthusiastic personality. An un-paralled and exceptional leader. When you need excellent inputs/direction/facilitation in project management, business and leadership, Brenda is the person to contact!
- Benson Adams PMP, Consultant at Bega Consulting Inc.

Brenda knows project management. She is excellent at organizing and delivering related sessions, and information sharing. She is also mindful and kind. When working on continual improvements to project management in your organization, reach out to Brenda. You will be glad you did. Grateful for value received when doing so, this recommendation is my way of saying thank you again to Brenda.
- Ron Richard

Simply put... Brenda is a delight to work with. You'll find she has no time to commiserate about what could have been. Brenda is a can-do entrepreneur - willing to take risks but not willing to compromise her moral backbone.
- Steve Foran, A Grateful CEO, Culture Change Expert, Speaker, Author

I had the honor of taking a Project Management Program under Brenda's Tutelage in the Winter/Spring this year (2013). Brenda has transformed my view on life and work and has helped me most with stress relief by teaching a step-by-step process that can be applied to anything for results! Especially powerful was Brenda's facilitation of our Chalice group. We came together from different departments and worked together in an open, participatory way. Brenda used examples directly from our work so that the principles she was teaching could be immediately applied. Brenda, I cannot thank you enough for your help with Project Management which is such an ESSENTIAL skill in today's workplace! Thank you.
- Heidi Jury

I and my partners at Dragonbridge have worked with Brenda and her team on projects they have referred to us as well as in situations where they worked on projects for our clients. Over the last 15 years, we have always found Brenda and her group to be completely reliable and highly competent partners and service providers. She is attentive to the quality of her work and to the importance of maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of all business. It is a pleasure to recommend her and the work of her team and we look forward to continued collaboration with her in the future.
- Peter Loorits, President & CEO, Co-Founder at Dragonbridge Corporation

Thank you again Brenda for your coaching through the PMP exam process and ensuring I was ready to write and pass the exam!
- Laura Graham, PMP, Project Manager

Based on working with Brenda and witnessing her excellent facilition skills, I highly recommend Brenda as a facilitator of training!
- Chris Lewis, Chris Lewis Business Solutions

Brenda has always been honest, straightforward, trustworthy and diligent. She truly delivers on what she says she's going to do. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.
- Stephen Cox, CFP, Certified Financial Planner at Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

I recently attended a CAPM Preparation course organized and conducted by Brenda Fay and Doris Fox. It was an intensive 4-day curriculum spread over 3 weeks this past June and based on v5 of the PMBOK. The course was well-organized and interesting to attend. Brenda and Doris are excellent facilitators and their knowledge, background and experience in Project Management processes, theory and standards were obvious and added to the relevance of the course material. They rallied the entire class as a ‘group’ who remain in supportive contact with each other to the present. In short, they brought us an excellent course that was also fun to attend.
Although I intend to sit for the PMP certification vs. the CAPM, Brenda and Doris were careful to attend to the differences in the certification processes between the CAPM and the PMP. They were able to add to my knowledge almost as if the course was aimed at me personally. They also made use of my personal knowledge, experience and war stories to support the lessons they were delivering.
I would highly recommend without the slightest hesitation either Brenda or Doris as facilitators and the CAPM Preparation course material to anyone interested in attaining PMI certification.
- Neil H. Williams, CMC, Senior Consultant and Project Manager, The Crocus Consulting Group Ltd.

If you are considering a CAPM Certification Exam Preparation Course through PMI Nova Scotia, Brenda Fay and Doris Fox are your best choices! Through the five-day course, I was able to have a strong knowledge basis of project management to support my daily job, and of course, I passed my CAPM exam within two months after completing the course! I would like to thank Brenda for her encouragement and timely support throughout my preparation. In addition, upon the course completion, we are able to build a longer relationship to support the local community together. I would gladly recommend Brenda's course to other fellows preparing to write their CAPM exam.
- Jennifer (Jianing) Liu, Project Coordinator, Innovacorp

I attended a CAPM Certification Exam Preparation course presented through the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter that was delivered by Doris Fox and Brenda Fay. I was quite pleased that the course was well-structured, delivered in a manner that adapted to different learning styles and was very much an enjoyable experience. Doris and Brenda, as well as the rest of my classmates, were quite willing to discuss topics openly and thoroughly which in my opinion contributed to me learning and absorbing the information in a more effective manner. I would recommend Doris, Brenda and the CAPM certification course to anyone wanting to prepare for their CAPM certification exam.
- Tara T (CAPM Certification Prep Student)

Brenda Fay, as instructor for the CAPM training course I took, was able to reduce hundreds of pages of study material into key concepts which made conquering the study material much much easier than I thought it would be. As well, the learning aids she provided increased my confidence exponentially.
Please be assured that Brenda Fay is a professional instructor who will go the extra mile. She is prepared, articulate and able to get directly to the main points. She uses learning aids which are appropriate. She can keep the group on track while still meeting individual needs. Her knowledge of the material is very extensive, based on years of personal experience.
- Debra Power

I found the training provided by BrenDaniel Productions to be outstanding. They kept the training interesting and very informative for all phases.
- Scott Guthrie, Vistacare Communications